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Veneers are perfect if you have discolored, crowded, uneven, or unattractive teeth. This is a quick and long lasting solution to provide you with an amazing, beautiful smile. Veneers are thin, custom-made porcelain teeth enhancements that mimic the natural look of your teeth. They are used to close gaps between teeth or fix small misalignments, and some patients choose veneers as a solution to cosmetic problems such as discoloration or chips.

At Crystal River Family Dentistry, your veneers can be created and placed in one to two office visits. During your first appointment, your Crystal River Family Dentistry dentist will clean your teeth and help you choose a veneer color that most closely matches the natural color of your teeth. Next, they will prepare your teeth and take an impression to design and build your perfect smile. In the meantime, you will wear a temporary veneer until your permanent one is ready. Once your permanent veneers arrive at Crystal River Family Dentistry, we will remove the temporary veneer and secure your permanent veneer to your teeth with an adhesive, curing them with a light. Finally, we will clean any excess material away and polish the edges of your new veneer.

You should brush and floss your veneer just like you would your normal teeth, and you should try to limit consuming any food or beverages that could stain them such as tea or coffee.

If you have any questions about veneers or want to see if they are a good solution for you, call 352-794-6139 today to set up an appointment!

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